Keep on Struggling

by Unforce

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Keep on Struggling CD ep is original release by xThinkpositivex Records and New Era Collective (Philippines) 2010.
Re-issue and re-release by Samstrong Records (Indonesia) 2012.


released May 16, 2012

Samstrong Records 008

Music and lyrics written by Unforce except "X on My Hand" by Feud
All tracks were recorded by Unforce at Positivity Recording Studio, East Rembo, Makati City, Philippines.
during the hot summer of April 3&4 , 2010
Engineered, Mixed and mastered by Paolo
Layout by Neil



all rights reserved


SAMSTRONG RECORDS Yogyakarta, Indonesia

based in Central Java ,Indonesia

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Track Name: Fight for change
We'll keep on struggling
This fire that burns inside
No one can detain us
No walls can divide us now
You can't stop the youth attack!
The youth attack!
My life my choice
Nothing could break our faith
We're built to last
Bonded by this worthy cause
We'll keep on fighting
until the end!
We won't stop until our goal is on hand
Goal to make a change
Fight for change
Track Name: Beatdown
Every time I see
You bastard shit
You think you're cool
But you're a fool!
Wasting your time
Wasting your life
Wasting your fucking life
For nonsense things
Why don’t you stop
And think for awhile
Throw those sticks
Dispose those drink
You better change your way
If you don’t wanna get hurt
By my hard fist
Fucking fist
Track Name: Break this chain
You told me to follow rules
This damn fucking law of dogs
Trying to feed by lies
Kills innocent lives
Tie my hand
Poison my mind
But I refuse to be a victim
I won’t be a victim
And I’ll break this chain
Suck my blood
Take my life
Burns my soul
But I contend this rottenness
I’ll break this chain
Track Name: X on my hands
It’s just a matter of choice
A personal opinion
It doesn’t have concern
Religion or tradition
We stand against idiocy and oppression
It’s a tool to start a revolution!
You always question the
X on my hand
You give fucking
Doubt on my mind
You give fucking crap
On whatever I do
What do you want for me
To be like you?