Modal Kecu

by Knockdown

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released September 10, 2011

Samstrong Records 001



all rights reserved


SAMSTRONG RECORDS Yogyakarta, Indonesia

based in Central Java ,Indonesia

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Track Name: Intro (We stand for fight again)
we stand for fight again!!!

street fight is not simply to destroy or injure
with a variety of weapons who brought you but it is
the art of street fighting and improvised by using imagination
and emotional control we stand for figt again !!!
Track Name: Modal kecu
modal kecu cangkemu ngrasani ak neng mburi
modal kecu dapurmu mateni ak neng mburi
kowe cen mung cangkeman lambemu pancen olo
yen nek ta roso-roso pengene ndang tak polo

kowe meng cangkeman
wanine kroyokan
dijak ijen ijen
ratau kedaden

cen kw asu tenan pdahal mbiyen kekancan
mergo meri loro ati njur ngejak paten patenan
mbasan ak wes mangkel kangsenan duel tenan
tp kw cangkeman ono wae alesan

kw kq raisin ndilat idumu ndewe
idak idik mencla mencle mung arep ndono ndene
dadi wong sok rumongso mbok ojo dumeh
gene kw ra nduwe konco padune arep nggambleh

konco po musuh
anteng po rusuh
konco po musuh
yoayo nek meh kisruh

modal kecu suuuu!!!!!
Track Name: United must be stand up
united must be stand up !!!

respect your fuckin self before respect the others
introspection your self before you comment about the others
we're same but was different arround us
never ending we discuss differences

we must more doing for fix our self
we must more prepare for the future
life is not for now, but starting for now to undestand what da fuck that life

before is too late, Get what you aspire
the keys are hard work without despair and maximize what you have
we are young and we are next generation
bull shit n fuckin big mouth are stupid hopeless

racism n fascism just will make be a propaganda
schism that led to scuffle is the answer
idealism is another word for emotional unstable teenagers
inconsistent commitment they bring
doctrine in scenes that spread, culminate in seniority between generations
like an oppressive dictatorial mindset

it's time we support the next
it's time to prepare our young generation
it's time we end the disunity
it's time to mutual respect

united must be stand up !!!
Track Name: We are Knockdown
and you can not stop us
because we are one family
and we are not racism!!!!!!!!!!!

and we are (knockdown)
so begin (respest yourself)
we are (not racism)
but we like (true fight)

and we are (knockdown)
so begin (respest yourself)
we are (not racism)
respect youreself and (support for our friends)
Track Name: You can't change
because I am me
and you cannot chane it
i am person that is filled
with thought of rebellion
but I don`t have any idea
about what is idealism

one thing i know for sure is
to fought all the ugly
thought that against mine
i may have been the neglected person

my brain
my head
my self
you cannot control it

but I don`t give a damn about it
for I will rise and stand fight again